WHAT IF, in 3 days you could …


🔥 Get a flatter tummy without any sit-ups, planks or crunches?


🔥Tighten your waist without food restrictions?


🔥 Bust through COMMON MYTHS on tummy flattening, so you can stop wasting time, energy & money on ineffective ‘solutions’? Goodbye fads, pills, supplements & gimmicks!


🔥 Get deep core exercises to shrink your waist like a corset?


🔥 De-bloat & even drop a couple pounds by learning how to get better results w/LESS effort?


🔥 Learn my Flat Tummy Formula that took my clients & me from hiding the tummy pooch, to feeling confident in fitted tops & bikinis?!






1 DAILY LIVE TRAINING (Be LIVE or on the REPLAY) on HOW TO GET A FLATTER TUMMY in a way that’s effective and maintainable.


1 DAILY ACTION STEP - Choose your level


Level 1 – Just listen to the trainings

Level 2 – Listen to trainings + complete short action items (About 5 minutes)

Level 3 – Listen to trainings + complete action items that take a little more time, 10-20 minutes.


Women from last year's challenge lost up to an inch in their waist & 4 lbs when they did level 3!



🏆 DAY 1 (Tues) – Flat Tummy MythBusters. Learn the REAL obstacles keeping women from a flatter stomach, despite plenty of effort + 1 action item for simple fat loss.


🏆 DAY 2 (Wed) – 3 MUSTS for a flatter tummy + the BEST EXERCISES for fast results!


🏆 DAY 3 (Thurs) – The biggest secret to reaching your goal for good … that trainers never talk about. This will bring it all together!




This is a FREE challenge because I want to end the confusion from all the diets & workouts out there, that have women spinning their wheels, and understand the TRUTH of what works, and finally get the maintainable results they deserve!



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NOTE: This was hosted as a LIVE challenge September 20th -22nd, 2022. Currently, all the replay trainings, resources & flat-tummy workout can be accessed in my Free FACEBOOK Group. By signing up, you will get access to everything, but it will not be a LIVE challenge - you can take it at your own pace. Excited to see you in there!


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